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If you have navigated over to this page you are likely new to ColorOf, so welcome! ColorOf is a color discovery engine with built in search. Unlike other search engines ours is denominated in color. Things (nail polish, paint, hats, shoes, flowers, etc.) within ColorOf are stored and indexed as electronic swatches.

A swatch is an electronic snippet of color taken from a single source, item or thing. Publishers typically publish swatches for things they own, like or sell. They can however, publish swatches for anything they find inspirational, such as a flower, a gemstone or a beautiful sunset.The easiest way to search for something within ColorOf is too simply click on a color you love and type in the keyword(s) for the thing you are looking for. You can however, search by any color from a variety of sources if you click the search icon. Clicking the search icon at the top of that page opens the search dialog from there you can: