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What is ColorOf?
Thanks for asking..


ColorOf is a color discovery engine used to help people find and organize interesting things by color. Community members (called Publishers) publish electronic swatches for things they own, like or sell. Publishers simply select the area of the photo with the colors they want to emphasize, name their swatch, describe and tag it. All their swatches are organized on their own publisher’s page, allowing others to discover their things by color. Publishers can also group swatches into interesting collections.

As you may imagine when searching for something by color everyone has their own definition of red, blue or tangerine. At ColorOf we allow users to search by any color. The easiest way is to just click on a color you love and tell us what you are looking for in that color. You can also grab a color from a photo, use our color picker or try a color name. You can even select the range or distance from your color that you would like us to search within.

Find the items you seek in the color you are looking for. Bookmark the colors of the things you love on the web. Drive business to your website by enabling color search. Increase your product’s color relevance. Emphasize the amazing colors captured in your photos. Blog about the color of something.